Photojournalism Programmes

PhotoJournalism Programmes


Photo-editing skills, digital dark room and basic elements of design will also be incorporated in the course. At the end of the session, students will be able to compile their very own photojournal on a chosen theme.

Programme Description:

Students will gain a basic understanding of what photojournalism is really about, the beginning, significance and necessity of it. This course will expose students to Digital Photography Skills and how to photograph images that are of news value.

Schools can choose to go on Photo Learning Journeys to places like Singapore Flyer, Marina Barrage, a farm or do a customized workshop for students within the school. 

Photojournalism programmes are available as a Learning Journey , a Time Workshop or a short course. Contact us for a detailed proposal for this programme which is approved and endorsed by National Arts Council under the AEP Programme.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How photojournalism employs images to tell a news story
  • Learn to take a series of photographs related to given topic or theme 
  • Learn to write compelling captions
  • Learn to craft interview questions and conduct interviews for a variety of occasions and events  

*Photojournalism course may be integrated with the Digital Photography course 

Photojournalism Programme The Essential Lifeskills

Eligible for NAC-AEP Grant

Email us for a customized programme

A Photojournalism Project on

Tiong Bahru Celebrating SG50.