Animation Programmes


Animation Programmes


Through our Animation Programmes, students are introduced the principles of animation through a variety of animation techniques. Green Screen, Professional Photography Set Up and Lighting are some of essential tools when it comes to learning 2D Animation. The programme focuses on developing foundational skills that remain valuable and useful regardless of the technology or medium. Students have the opportunity to be hands-on on drawing, storyboarding, modelling, film editing, and character animation. Have fun with our professional digital storytellers and animators as they teach students a thing or two on 2D animation.

Programme Description:

Students will learn the entire workflow of creating an animation from character animation to plot and story line. Students will get a hands on experience on basic animation e.g. how to create an animation, frame by frame and how to give character a sense of weight, balance, line of action and timing.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will be able to create a short story using special 2D animation software 
  • Demonstrate understanding of fundamentals on and how object animation is created. 
  • Learn the importance of and concept of storyboard
  • Apply planning skills by breaking down scenes and elements required from storyboard 

*Animation course may be integrated with the Digital Photography course